Disaster Response: Closing a Critical Gap

Current disaster response is organized into three groups: local/national, military, and civilian. Teams are often too big, slow or undertrained.

SEMPER provides nimble teams of trained physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and support personnel, who can depart for a disaster area within six hours’ notice.

In order to facilitate rapid entrance into the impacted region, SEMPER partners with established organizations in the region impacted by the disaster. These partners include local and national governments, and international and non-governmental organizations. 

Preparation is key, and includes:

  • A roster of deployable personnel with up-to-date immunizations, training, etc.
  • Equipment (shelter, food, water purification, etc.) 72 hours self-sufficiency
  • Regular training on treating victims in austere, chaotic environments
  • Pre-packaged critical medical equipment and pharmaceuticals