SEMPER Deployments

The Team Approach

A typical team deployment includes a team of ten with medical skills, disaster experience, and cultural knowledge.

Often more than one deployment is called for. First deployments are staffed with emergency medicine specialists. Subsequent teams varied medical skill  and may help staff the International Medical Corps trauma field hospital.

Some members of the SEMPER team also volunteer with federal disaster relief programs such as the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team, and the Disaster Medical Assistance Team.

California Wildfires (2018) 

In November 2018, California's deadliest wildfire destroyed nearly 14,000 homes, killed 85 people and displaced 50,000 people residents. SEMPER deployed in two waves to provide emergency and basic medical care at Red Cross shelters in the wake of the disaster. Read article

Nepal Earthquake (2015)

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000 in a country with very little emergency medicine infrastructure. Dr. Paul Auerbach led SEMPER support in country. Read article

Philippines Typhoon (2013) 

Super Typhoon Yaiyan was one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded, killing 6,300 people in the Philippines.  Stanford sent two multi-member teams of physicians, nurses, EMTs and social workers to set up clinics and provide primary and emergency care.  Watch video

Japan Earthquake (2011)

Haiti Earthquake (2000)